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These commands, only available when Adjust Syllables is selected in the menu, are similar to the alignment and justification option in the Text tool. They allow you to easily set the horizontal position of your lyrics on a syllable by syllable basis. These commands are useful when you want all the syllables (in several verses) beneath a particular note neatly aligned. You might use this feature to left-justify a specific syllable of each verse under the first note of a hymn, for example. For global settings see Document Options-Lyrics.

If you wish to align all lyrics you may do so in Document Options-Lyrics. If you wish to be aligned with a celestial body, you'll have to look further than Finale.

Set the alignment and justification by selecting it from the menu, or using the keyboard shortcuts listed in the menu. The handle will move from one side of the syllable to the other depending on which type of justification you have selected.


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