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If Automatic Music Spacing is turned on (Program Options-Edit), Finale applies automatic changes to the measure width and layout to both the score and part when you edit either. (As you enter notes, Finale’s automatic adjustments are applied to both the score and linked part). Manual changes made to music spacing, measure width, or system composition with the Measure tool or Selection tool apply to the part/score you are currently editing only.

You can apply music spacing to regions of measures for a single part or several parts at once.

To apply music spacing to a region of measures in more than one part:

  1. Choose the Selection tool.
  2. Select a region of measures.
  3. Choose Utilities > Music Spacing > Apply Music Spacing to Selected parts/Score. The Apply Music Spacing dialog box appears.
  4. Choose the parts you want to apply music spacing changes to.
  5. From the radio buttons at the bottom, choose the type of music spacing you would like to apply.
  6. Click OK. The music spacing type is applied to the region of measures you selected in the selected parts.

When Automatic Music Spacing is on, your settings in Document Options-Music Spacing apply to all parts and the score. If Automatic Music Spacing is off, changes to the layout only apply to the part or score you are currently editing.


Note. All all manual changes to the horizontal placement of individual entries made within the Speedy Frame or with the Note Position Tool apply to both the score and linked part.



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