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Landscape and Portrait orientation

Lead sheets

Ledger lines

Left barlines

Legal-size paper

Limiting MIDI data

Linked Parts

Special mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts

Creating linked parts

Navigating linked parts

Hiding an item in the score (and leave it showing in parts)

Showing an item in the score (and hide it in all Parts)

Showing an item in one part only (and hide it in other parts and the score)

Repositioning an item in the score without moving it in parts

Repositioning an item in all parts while viewing a part

Expressions in linked parts

Repositioning expressions in linked parts

Show/hide setting for expressions in linked parts

Articulations in linked parts

Measure-attached text in linked parts

Page-attached text in linked parts

Single-page-attached text blocks

Multiple-page-attached text blocks

Page-attached graphics and in linked parts

Single page-attached graphics

Multiple page-attached graphics

Measure-attached graphics in linked parts

Tuplets in linked parts

Smart Shapes in linked parts

Note and notehead-attached Smart Shapes

Measure-attached smart shapes

Repeats in linked parts

Repositioning text repeats

Repositioning ending brackets

Show/hide setting for text repeats and ending brackets

Staff attributes in linked parts

Staff properties (Score Manager) in linked parts

Groups in linked parts

Staff Styles in linked parts

Chords, fretboards, and lyrics in linked parts

Hiding chords/fretboards

Hiding lyrics

Lead sheets in linked parts

Clefs in linked parts

Staff Lists in linked parts

Measure numbers in linked parts

Page-attached ossia measures in linked parts

Measure attributes in linked parts

Page layout in linked parts

Applying page layout settings to multiple parts

Music spacing in linked parts

Multimeasure rests in linked parts

Baseline positioning in linked parts

Adjusting baselines in the score

Adjusting baselines in a part

Baseline context menus

Enharmonics in linked parts

Time signatures in linked parts

Relinking part items to the score

Part names in linked parts

Printing linked parts

Tacet parts


Typing lyrics directly into the score

Preparing lyrics in a separate window

Placing lyrics into the score (click assignment)

Editing lyrics already in the score

Correcting misaligned lyrics

Correcting overlapping lyrics

Setting the font for lyrics globally

Changing fonts within a lyric

Preventing changing the type size for lyrics attached to cue notes

Setting the baseline (vertical position) for lyrics numerically

Setting the baseline (vertical position) for lyrics graphically

Moving or delete a syllable

Erasing lyrics

Copying lyrics

Cloning lyrics

Changing alignment and justification of syllables for individual notes

Setting alignment and justification of syllables globally

Drawing “word extension” underlines

Adding “word extensions” on specific syllables only

Adjusting the position of “word extension” underlines

Numbering lyrics

Aligning syllables at the beginning of measures


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