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Unknown Font dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose File > Load Library.
  2. Double-click the name of a library that was created with a font that’s no longer installed on your System.

What it does

You’ll encounter this dialog box when you try to open a library of symbols or expressions that were created with fonts that are no longer installed, or a library that was created on someone else’s computer (with a different set of fonts installed). Finale gives you two options for handling the missing fonts. You can either select a new font to replace the missing one, or you can tell Finale to go ahead and load the library, substituting the System font for the missing fonts until you later install the missing font into your Windows Font folder. At that point, the library elements will reappear in their original fonts.

Finale doesn’t actually install a font in your system when you click Add. Instead, it adds the missing font’s name to its font selection boxes; it will appear dimmed (like the names of any other missing fonts). When you later install the missing font in your System, its name will no longer be dimmed, and the library elements in question will reappear in their original fonts (instead of the substitute font).

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