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Finale 2009 Interface Changes

Finale 2009 includes some interface changes that provide a more intuitive workflow environment, particularly in areas related to expression entry and management.

Measure Expressions and Score Lists

(If you are not familiar with measure expressions and staff lists (now called Score Lists) in Finale 2008 and earlier, disregard this information and refer to Expressions and Score Lists.)

The definition of the Finale term "expression" has changed in Finale 2009 to facilitate organization, editing flexibility, and ease of entry.

In Finale 2008 and earlier, "measure expressions" were assigned and positioned relative to a measure. They always applied to all staves, and could be "turned off" in some staves using a Score List (or by selecting a radio button in the former Measure Expression Assignment dialog box). For example, the measure expression could have been set to "this staff only," or "all staves," or (in the Score List dialog box) "top staff only," and so on. Each measure expression essentially included its own Score List and positioning settings, and only one expression's settings could be changed at a time (e.g. the option to change the font of all dynamics was not an option). Furthermore, when the expression was copied across documents, its Score List would be copied with it, which could result in a multitude of Score Lists assigned in a document.

In Finale 2008 and earlier, "note expressions" were assigned and positioned relative to a single note. They had a completely different set of positioning options that could be used to change the positioning of the expression relative to the note. Like measure expressions, each note expression also included its own positioning settings, and only one could be changed at a time.

In Finale 2009, "note expressions" and "measure expressions" have been merged, and any expression can have properties of either. The major distinction between expression types is now based on their score function. Specifically, expressions have been separated into six categories, each with its own font, positioning, and Score List settings (see Expressions). Changes to these settings can be applied to all expressions in that category (both in the library and in the score). (These settings can also be assigned individually, independent from the category when required - see Expression Designer). Score List definitions are now defined for categories rather than individual expressions, and are only available in categories that benefit from their usage.

To understand the benefits of this new model, it is important to recognize that all expressions are classified in one of two ways:

The first type includes all expressions that can possibly benefit from Score Lists because it is standard practice in scorewriting to assign certain types of markings (e.g. tempo marks) in a consistent fashion throughout the duration of the score (e.g. above the top staff of each instrumental section). Therefore, the need for many Score List definitions was replaced with four (Score List 1, Score List 2, etc.). You can make changes to these Score Lists in the Score List dialog box. Changes to a category's positioning, font, or Score Lists can be made in the Category Designer dialog box.

When you begin a new score with the Setup Wizard, Finale automatically assigns expressions to the Score List 1, which places expressions above the top staff and above the top staff in each instrumental section.

If, in previous Finale versions, you used measure expressions and Score Lists to add dynamic markings (and expressive/technique text), you may miss the ability to apply many dynamics at once. If this is the case, use Metatools and "drag-apply" to enter dynamic expressions onto multiple staves quickly and easily. See Expressions.

Expression Editing Changes

Copying and pasting expressions across documents

When you copy a region of music including expressions of a category that does not exist in the target document, or if the same category contains different settings, Finale will create the new category in the target document automatically and insert the new expression into that category.

Finale 2008 vs. Finale 2012 menu reference chart

Use the following key to identify any commands that have moved or changed names since Finale 2008. New commands (as of Finale 2009), menus, and submenus are marked with an asterisk (*). "" means the menu item's name has not changed. For menu changes and additions added in Finale 2010, see Finale 2009 vs. Finale 2012 menu Reference Chart.

Finale 2008 menu command Name Finale 2008 menu Finale 2012 menu Finale 2012 menu command Name
Save as SmartMusic Accompaniment File/Save Special File Export to SmartMusic
Save as Audio File File/Save Special File Export to Audio File
- - View Page View Style submenu
- - Document *Category Designer
VST Setup MIDI/Audio "" VST Banks & Effects
- - MIDI/Audio Human Playback submenu
- - MIDI/Audio Device Setup submenu
Audio Setup MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
- - MIDI/Audio/Device Setup *Manage VST Plug-ins
MIDI Setup MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
MIDI Thru MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
Tablature MIDI Channels MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
Send MIDI Sync MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
Send MTC MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/Device Setup ""
-   MIDI/Audio/MIDI File Options *MIDI File Options submenu
Import MIDI File Options MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/MIDI File Options ""
Export MIDI File Options MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/MIDI File Options ""
- - MIDI/Audio/MIDI Clipboard *MIDI Clipboard submenu
Import MIDI from Clipboard MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/MIDI Clipboard ""
Export MIDI to Clipboard MIDI/Audio MIDI/Audio/MIDI Clipboard ""

Commands and Dialog Boxed Removed in Finale 2009

Finale 2009a Interface Changes

Finale 2009a includes some interface changes related to expressions and font handling.

Score Lists for Expressions

Staff Lists for expressions have been renamed Score Lists. See Category designer dialog box. The number of available score lists has been increased from 4 to 8, and they can now be renamed. See Score List dialog box.

Staff Assignment for Expressions

Staff assignment functionality has been introduced for expressions not eligible for Score Lists. See Expression Selection dialog box and Assign to Staff dialog box. Keyboard shortcuts have been added to allow easy assignment to adjacent and/or all staves. See Keyboard Shortcuts - Expression tool.

Font Utilities dialog box

Font-related commands under the Data Check submenu, including: "Check Document Fonts Against System Fonts," "Swap One Font for Another," Scale Fonts," and "Convert Text for Windows." have been consolidated into the new Font Utilities dialog box. Two new functions related to symbol fonts have been added: "Reset Symbol Fonts List to Default" and "Sync Document to Symbol Fonts List." See Font Utilities dialog box.



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