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MIDI/Audio/Reassign Playback Sounds

Choose this command to automatically assign VST sounds to your score Instruments. Finale loads VST instrument plug-ins and assigns sounds based on the order specified in the Sound Map Priority dialog box. (Finale matches its Instruments with VST sounds using Sound Maps). With MIDI/AudioPlay Finale Through VST checked, you can review the sound assignments under the Sound column of the ScoreManager. Finale loads as many banks as necessary (up to 8) to accommodate multiple sounds and players in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box.

In addition to choosing this command, Finale also reassigns sounds to all Instruments when starting a new document with the Setup Wizard, and when choosing MIDI/AudioPlay Finale Through VST (switching from Play Finale Through MIDI).

If you open a document that includes Instruments that have been assigned to sounds not available on the computer, the following warning message appears: "Missing VST Plugin: [name of Plugin], Some sounds used in this document are not available on your computer. Would you like Finale to reassign all instruments in this document to sounds available on your computer? (Your file will be changed.)." If you click Yes, Finale will reassign sounds based on your computer's configuration (and your settings in the Sound Map Priority dialog box).

Sounds are assigned to individual Instruments (using the same mechanism) when adding or changing Instruments in the ScoreManager.

When auto-assigning sounds, Finale reserves channel 10 on bank 1 for percussion to accommodate MIDI devices that require channel 10 for percussion sounds. If, for example, you added a percussion Instrument in the Setup Wizard, and then attempted to play through an external MIDI device that reserves channel 10 for percussion, the percussion Instrument would play correctly. The second percussion Instrument added to bank 1 is assigned to the next consecutive available channel. Banks other than 1 do not reserve a channel for percussion automatically. If Finale's automatic channel assignments for percussion, or any instrument, do not work for a device, you can change the channel manually in the ScoreManager.



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