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VST Banks & Effects dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio >VST Banks and Effects.

What it does

With this dialog box, you can load VST players for use with Finale and open the respective player for editing sound channel assignments. Finale includes the Aria Player, which is designed to use Finale as its host sequencer and includes an accompanying library of Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds. You can use this dialog box to load any other VST instrument library, select and edit VST effects, and adjust the volume for each VST selection.

Note. To automatically restore playback sounds based on your Sound Map priority, choose MIDI/AudioReassign Playback Sounds.

Finale generally assigns sounds to Instruments automatically, including assigning the included Aria or SmartMusic SoftSynth players to banks, and also assigning sounds within the player. For example, when you add or change an instrument in the ScoreManager, Finale loads the necessary banks and instrument sounds (according to the priority of Sound Maps in the Sound Map Priority dialog box). When you make manual changes to banks or sounds in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box (and respective VST players), you are adjusting Finale's automatic setup, which means you need to be aware of how these changes affect other sound assignments, for example, those made automatically in the ScoreManager. See Editing Banks and Players.

VST Effects plug-ins are installed as dll files that usually appear in the same folders as the VST Instruments. If you do not see the one you are looking for, you can identify any VST plug-in installed on your system by choosing it from the Manage VST Plugins dialog box.

Editing banks and players

When playing back using VST, if you edit Finale's automatic bank assignments, your changes affect all Instruments assigned to that bank. (You can view your Instruments' bank assignments in the ScoreManager.) The following sections describe how Finale responds to manual adjustments to banks and players in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box.

Swapping a player on a bank

If you change a bank assignment to a different player, the new device is assigned to all Instruments assigned to that bank. Sounds will need to be manually loaded in the new player respective to the channels assigned to those Instruments (listed under the Ch. row of the ScoreManager).

For example, if you change Bank 1 from Aria Player to any 3rd party player, all Instruments assigned to Bank 1 (under the Bank column in the ScoreManager) are assigned to the new 3rd party player.

To assign sounds to channels after swapping banks to a 3rd party player

  1. Open the ScoreManager (WindowScoreManager).
  2. Ensure the Ch. (channel) column is visible. If it is not, choose Customize ViewBank & Channel.
  3. Note the channel assignments of all instruments assigned to the bank that has been changed.
  4. Choose MIDI/AudioVST Banks & Effects.
  5. Click the button next to the bank containing the new 3rd party player.
  6. Assign the sounds to the slots of the respective Instrument channels.

Unloading a player from a bank

If you set a bank to none (---) in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box, the Device column of all Instruments assigned to that bank will be set to None in the ScoreManager (with no Sound assigned).

Loading a player to an unused bank

For existing Instruments:

If a Bank is not assigned to any Instruments in the ScoreManager, but loaded in the VST Banks & Effects dialog box, new Instruments added to the document will skip over the manually loaded Bank.


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