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Note Mover/Cross Staff

If you've chosen this command and dragged selected notes to a target staff above or below the source staff, Finale will draw their noteheads in the target measure as cross-staff notes. If the selected notes are beamed to non-selected notes, Finale will preserve the beaming and extend the stems as necessary. (Nothing happens if you drag notes to a target measure that's not above or below the source measure - for example, the next measure on the same staff.)

A cross-staff note created in this way still "belongs" to its source staff. It plays back over the source staff's MIDI channel and is affected by the source staff's dynamics. And you can only edit it by clicking the source measure with the Speedy Entry Tool. To restore a cross-staff note to its original staff, click the source measure with the Note Mover tool ; handles appear on all notes in the measure (including cross-staff notes). Select the cross-staff notes by clicking or drag-enclosing their handles, then press DELETE. (You're not deleting the notes, just their cross-staff status.)

Note, by the way, that you can tell Finale to display cross-staff notes on their source staves, if you'd find your score easier to edit that way; you can restore them to their cross-staff positions when you're finished. Read the description of the "Display cross-staff notes in original staff" checkbox in Document Options-Notes and Rests


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