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Document/Special Part Extraction

This command provides access to one of Finale's three part-extraction methods. Using Special Part Extraction, you can see the full score in Scroll View, while the extracted part appears, ready for editing and printing, in Page View.

Before the Special Part Extraction command will work, you must select a staff (or staves) in Scroll View by clicking the Staff tool and then selecting their handles. When you choose Special Part Extraction, a dialog box appears, letting you select the multimeasure (block) rest shape you want to use, specify a font for the number to appear above such a rest, and so on. After you've made your settings, click OK. You return to the score.

At first you won't notice anything different. But if you look at the Document menu, you'll see that there's now a check mark beside Special Part Extraction, telling you that Page View now contains the extracted part. Choose Page View from the View menu to examine and edit the extracted part.

To exit Special Part Extraction mode (and return to viewing the full score in Page View), choose Special Part Extraction again from the Document menu.

For detailed information, see the Multimeasure Rest dialog box.



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