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After selecting a region of music with the Selection tool, choose Cut to place the selected music on the Clipboard and simultaneously remove the music from the document. If a stack is selected, the measures will be removed. If the measure selection is not a stack, the contents of the selection will be cleared.

Once you’ve placed the cut music on the Clipboard, you can paste it to another place in your document or into another Finale document. You can also use the Edit menu Toolbar icon to Cut to the Clipboard.

If you like, you can save the cut material into a separate file, called a Clip File, which you can later access for pasting into another document. Press CTRL while choosing Cut; Finale will ask you to give the Clip File a name. In this way, you can create an assortment of musical segments or motifs, each of which you can access with the Insert from Clipfile or Paste from Clipfile commands to paste them into other documents; hold down CTRL and click the Edit menu, then choose Insert from Clipfile or Paste from Clipfile.  Items inserted or pasted from a clip file depend on the elements selected in the Edit Filter dialog box.

You can also place cut text on the Clipboard from Finale’s Lyrics window or Edit Text windows, as well as access the cut menu item itself in either of these windows.


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