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HyperScribe dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the HyperScribe tool . The HyperScribe menu appears.
  2. Choose HyperScribe > HyperScribe Options.
  3. Check Show HyperScribe Dialog, then click OK. Click a measure in the score.

What it does

When you transcribe a real-time performance with HyperScribe with the HyperScribe dialog box showing, the two large "buffer boxes" in the HyperScribe dialog box begin to fill up with black dots—left to right, top to bottom. Each time you play a note, a dot appears in the right buffer box. Each time you tap (a key, a pedal, or whatever you’ve specified as your tempo reference tap), two dots appear in the left buffer box.

In general, these buffers simply act as a gauge for you to see if your computer is keeping up with all the MIDI information you’re generating. If either of the buffer boxes becomes completely filled with dots, that’s your warning that the computer can’t transcribe the notes as fast as you’re playing them; if you don’t slow down, Finale will begin skipping measures (leaving them empty) in an attempt to catch up with you.

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