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Edit Learned Chords dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Chord tool  image\Chord_Tool.gif. The Chord menu appears.
  2. Choose Chord > Edit Learned Chords.

What it does

When you use one of Finale’s three automatic chord analysis methods (MIDI Input, One-Staff Analysis, or Two-Staff Analysis), Finale has no problem identifying most of the common chord types (major, minor, augmented, diminished, half-diminished, suspended, sevenths, ninths, and so on). Each time it encounters a chord for which you’ve created (or loaded in a Chord Suffix library) a chord suffix, it automatically displays the correct chord symbol on the screen, complete with an alternate bass, if necessary.

If Finale encounters a chord for which it can find no predefined suffix, it displays the Unknown Chord Suffix dialog box, giving you two options: "I’ll Do It" or "Let Finale Do It". If you click Let Finale Do It, Finale creates a chord suffix automatically, adds it to the list of chord suffixes for the document, and displays the chord symbol.

If you click "I’ll Do It," however, you have the opportunity of teaching Finale a chord. There are a number of reasons you might want to do so. For example, you might prefer the notation C6 to Finale’s default notation for the same chord (Am7/C). Or you might want Finale to learn a chord by another name—for example, you can teach it to recognize "V11" chords (such as F/G or Dm7/G). You might even want to teach it completely new ways of notating chords that have nothing to do with the usual chord symbol system. See Chord Symbols  for a more complete discussion of learned chords.

Once you’ve created a learned chordsor two, however, you may need to edit or delete them. To do so, click the Chord tool again, and choose Edit Learned Chords from the Chord menu. The Edit Learned Chords dialog box appears. In it, you can teach Finale another chord, "call up" one that Finale has already learned (to edit it), or delete a learned chord.

Note. If you teach Finale a chord it already knows, you’re asked whether or not you want to edit the chord symbol associated with it. If you click Yes, the Chord Definition dialog box appears, where you can modify the chord symbol in the usual way.

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