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Articulation Selection dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Articulation tool  image\Articulation_Tool.gif.
  2. Click on, above, or below any note. (If the note already has an articulation, you will need to double-click the note) Or, in Simple Entry, select a note, press ALT+SHIFT+A.
  3. Click Select. Also, to program a Metatool, press a letter or number key while pressing shift.

What it does

An articulation is a one-character marking that affects only a single note (an accent, staccato, or fermata, for example). You can select, edit, delete, or create articulations in this dialog box. The number in the top left corner of each item lists the slot number for the item. This can be handy if you have the option of typing in the slot number in a dialog box instead of scrolling through the selection dialog box. Occasionally, a character in parenthesis appears in the top right corner of an item in the selection dialog box. This character indicates the metatool assigned to the item.

Instead of using the Select button, you can simply double-click the desired marking. (In fact, you can avoid this dialog box completely by using Articulation metatools.


Tip. To attach the same articulation to many notes at once, use Apply Articulation


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