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Add/Remove Capo Chords dialog box

How to get there

  1. Select a region of music with chord symbols.
  2. Choose Utilities > Add/Remove Capo Chords.

What it does

When writing for fretted instruments, use this utility to add chords/fretboards that display the chord letter/fingering as played with a capo fastened to the fret you specify. For example, if a capo is fastened to the third fret on a standard guitar, chord symbols will be transposed down a minor third to display the relative chords as they would be fingered; in this case, a guitarist fingering the usual E major arrangement above the capo would actually be playing a G major chord. Using capo chords, the guitarist can pretend the capo is the nut and finger the chords comfortably. In other words, while capo chords do not display the correct sonority, they allow a guitarist to more easily read and perform the music.

Note that if the chord symbols are changed, capo chords do not update. After changing chord symbols that include capo chords, re-apply the Add Capo Chords plug-in to update the capo chord symbols.


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