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There is a special text insert designed specifically for use as the part name in linked parts. This text insert already exists in most new files, however, if you are opening a file created in Finale 2006 or earlier you may need to add them manually.

To add part names to linked parts:

  1. If you haven’t added parts to your score, do so now. See To create linked parts. See that parts are named as desired in the Manage Parts dialog box (where the part names are derived from).
  2. Choose Document > Edit Part and choose any part.
  3. Click the Text tool image\Text_Tool.gif .
  4. Double-click where you would like to add the part name. An empty text block appears with a blinking cursor.
  5. Choose Text > Inserts > Part/Score Name. The part name appears on all parts as well as the score. To edit the font, size, or style of the part name click a part name handle, choose Text > Edit Text, make the desired changes and click OK. Changes apply to the part name in all parts. Now, you may want to hide the part name on the score.
  6. If you’d like to hide the part name insert on the score, choose Document > Edit Score.
  7. CONTROL+click the part name (“Score” by default) and choose show to uncheck it. “Score” (or whatever this insert is named in the File Info tab of the Score Manager) fades a bit indicating it is hidden and will not appear in the printout.



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