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You can easily create linked parts while setting up new documents (or even adding new staves) using the Setup Wizard. Simply check Generate Parts on page 2 of the Setup Wizard while setting up your document (or adding new staves using the New Staves (with Setup Wizard) command under the Staff menu). When the score appears, Finale automatically creates a part for each instrument.

Additionally, parts can be generated from existing score staves at any time. In fact, you could choose to generate parts after the score is complete or after opening a file created in an old version of Finale. To create new linked parts in an existing score:

To create linked parts

  1. Choose Document > Manage Parts. The Manage Parts dialog box appears.
  2. Click Generate Parts. Finale populates the list with one part for each instrument. Finale names the part based on the staff name. If a grand staff is in the score, or any multiple-staff instrument, Finale adds a single part and names it based on the group name. Although Finale generated a single part for each instrument, you can click Edit Part Definition to manually assign any combination of staves (or groups). See Manage Parts dialog box.
  3. Click OK. Finale generates a part for each instrument. To view a part, choose Document > Edit Part, and select the part (or use the keystrokes listed in this submenu).
  4. If you are working with a score created in Finale 2006 or earlier, you may want to:  



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