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This tool lets you create a number of special beaming, stemming, and note positioning changes in one measure at a time. For example, you can use it to rearrange the noteheads on a stem, change the length of a stem, change the angle of a beam, or adjust the position of a dot or a tie. You can select more than one element (of the same type) at once, make exact adjustments using the nudge keys, view the relative position of some selected elements in the message bar, perform on-screen dragging of dots or ties to alter their position, and change the vertical positioning of ties.

See Stems, Beaming across barlines, Note positioning, Dotted notes, Ties, and related topics.

For detailed information, see the Special Tools Palette.


You can make the “nudge” amount as small as one pixel, or as large as you like, using the Movable Items dialog box found in Preferences-Edit (under the Document menu). This setting is saved in your Finale Preferences file (in the System Folder’s Preferences folder). To make even more precise adjustments, choose a higher Scale View To setting in the View menu. For example, doubling the view percentage to zoom in will offer twice the nudging precision.

Note. The nudge “amount” in the Movable Items dialog box only applies when you’re working with Special Tools. When you use the nudge keys at other times, the element is adjusted by one pixel each time you press the keys.


Contextual menus are reached by CONTROL-clicking on the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.


Menu item

What it does


Display the Notehead Settings or Accidental Settings dialog box


Restores default settings

Allow Vertical Positioning

Permits dragging an accidental or notehead up or down


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