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MIDI tool/Continuous Data

When you choose this command, the View Continuous Data dialog box appears, in which you can specify which MIDI controller data you want to edit (and view, if you're in the MIDI tool window). Sustain pedal usage, pitch or modulation wheel changes, patch changes, and monophonic aftertouch are a few of the options; if you have other kinds of controllers, you can identify them by number. After you've specified the continuous data type you want to edit, you return to the score (or MIDI tool window); you can now use the MIDI/Audio menu commands to affect the specified controller data. (Note that the "Alter Feel" and "Randomize" commands aren't available if you're editing continuous data.)

After you select this command, a check mark appears beside it in the MIDI tool menu.

For detailed information, see the View Continuous Data dialog box.


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