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View Continuous Data dialog box


How to get there

  1. Click the MIDI tool  image\MIDI_Tool.gif. The MIDI tool menu appears.
  2. Select a region of measures in a staff.
  3. Double-click the selected region to enter the MIDI tool window, if you want.
  4. Choose MIDI tool > Edit Continuous Data.

What it does

The MIDI tool allows you to edit the values of any MIDI continuous data (controllers, wheels, and so on). In this dialog box, you specify the controller whose data you want to edit.

However, if you’re doing your editing in the MIDI tool window, you can bypass this dialog box entirely. There are icons in the MIDI tool window itself representing these three data types: Patch Changes , Channel Pressure , and Pitch Wheel . Instead of selecting these items from the dialog box, simply click the appropriate icon. (Because these data types have icons of their own, you’ll discover that all three options are dimmed if you access this dialog box by clicking the Continuous Data icon in the MIDI tool window.)

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