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Chord/Position Fretboards

When Position Fretboards (or Position Chords)  is selected in the Chord menu, four small triangles appear at the left side of the screen. These triangles govern the position of the baseline for the chord symbols or diagrams (the imaginary horizontal line against which the bottoms of the chord symbols align).

Drag the first (leftmost) triangle up or down to move all the chords in the piece. Drag the second triangle to move the chords up or down in this staff only, regardless of the position of the leftmost triangle. Drag the third triangle, in Page View, to move the chords in this staff in this system only. Dragging the rightmost triangle doesn’t move any existing chord symbols; instead, it sets the position for the next one you enter.

You specify whether you want these triangles to adjust the chord symbols themselves or the fretboard diagrams by choosing either Position Chords or Position Fretboards from the Chord menu. (Position Fretboards is dimmed if Show Fretboards isn’t selected in the menu.) See Fretboard diagrams for more information.

For information regarding baselines in linked parts, see Baseline Positioning in linked parts.


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