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When you click this tool, the Chord menu appears. The Chord tool lets you create, move, and delete chord symbols in your score. These symbols are musically intelligent; they play back when you play back the piece, transpose when you transpose the music, and can be placed in your score automatically. You can even teach Finale to recognize nonstandard, complex, or unusually spelled chord symbols. See Chord symbols for full instructions.

With Manual Input selected, you can type chords directly into the score, play chords into the score with a MIDI keyboard, or type chords into the Chord Definition dialog box to create or edit an existing chord in the score.

For information regarding chords and fretboards in scores with linked parts, see Chords, fretboards, and lyrics in linked parts.


You can create Chord Metatools—one-keystroke equivalents for complete chord symbols—that can save you time if you need to insert complex chord symbols into your score.

To program a Chord Metatool

Click the Chord tool. Press shift and a letter or number key. Finale displays the Chord Definition dialog box; create the chord symbol you want to correspond to the letter or number you pressed (see Chord Definition dialog box). Click OK.

To use a Chord Metatool

Click the Chord tool. While pressing the letter or number key corresponding to the Metatool you programmed, click a note or rest. The chord symbol appears immediately, transposed according to the key signature if necessary.


Contextual menus are reached by CONTROL-clicking on the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items.

Menu item

What it does

Edit Chord Definition

Display the Chord Definition dialog box

Edit Fretboard

Display the Fretboard Editor dialog box


Removes selected chord symbols

Show Chord

Shows (or hides) individual chord symbols

Show Fretboard

Shows (or hides) individual fretboards

Relink to Score (parts only)

Restore the link to its corresponding score item

Unlink In All Parts (score only)

Break the link between the score and this item in all parts

Relink In All Parts (score only)

Display the Resize Notehead dialog box


For further information, see the Chord Definition dialog box.


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