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Placeholder dialog box


How to get there

  1. Click the Mirror tool  image\Mirror_Tool.gif.
  2. Click a measure with notes in it. (Or, if you’ve already created a Placeholder—and its Placeholder icon is visible—click the measure.)

What it does

This dialog box creates pickup measures. In other words, it creates an invisible "placeholder" of a rhythmic duration you specify at the beginning of the measure. Any existing notes in the measure slide to the right side of the measure, thus becoming pickup notes.

(Finale provides a second method of creating a pickup measure if it’s the first measure in your score. See Pickup Measure)

For example, if you want to create a pickup in 4/4 consisting of three eighth notes, you need to create a "rest" the equivalent of five eighth notes to precede them. Enter 5 in the text box and select Eighth(s) from the list of durations (see below).

You can modify your placeholder settings at any time by clicking any measure displaying a placeholder icon.


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