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Expression Selection dialog box


How to get there

There are two ways to access this window, depending on whether you are selecting an Expression manually or assigning a Metatool:

What it does

This dialog box displays a palette of any Expressions (either text- or shape-based) you’ve created in, or loaded into, your document. If your Maestro Font Default file is in place, this dialog box displays a selection of common Expressions, such as Allegro, ritard, and various dynamic markings. All of Finale's expressions are organized into categories that include unique font and positioning settings. Use the category list to the left to isolate specific categories of expressions in the preview window.

From this dialog box, you can select an expression to put in the score, edit an existing one, or create a new one. Characters in the top right corner of an item in the selection dialog box indicate the Metatool assigned to the item.

Note. You can simply double-click the desired expression instead of clicking it and clicking Select.


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