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Score Lists and Staff List dialog box


How to get there

This window can be accessed in two ways, depending on whether you are working with expressions or repeats:

Score Lists (expressions):

  1. Choose Document > Category Designer.
  2. Choose a category that supports Score Lists, such as Tempo Markings, Tempo Alterations, or Rehearsal Marks.
  3. Click Edit.

Staff List (Repeats):

  1. Click the Repeat tool, click a measure, then double-click one of the two middle graphic repeat icons (both of which are backward repeat barlines). If a backward repeat barline is already in the score, double-click its handle,
  2. CONTROL+click its handle and select Edit Repeat Bar Assignment. From the Staff List pop-up list, select New Staff List, or select an existing Staff List then click Edit. The Staff List dialog box that appears for repeats looks a bit different (see below), but the functionality is basically the same.

What it does

The Score Lists and Staff List dialog boxes provide control over creating and editing Score Lists and Staff Lists, which are both used to identify the staves a marking is to appear. Score Lists and Staff Lists are only available for markings that apply to the full score, such as tempo and rehearsal mark expressions and repeat indications.

To assign an expression that applies to a single staff (such as a dynamic) to multiple staves, use the Assign pop-up menu in the Expression Selection dialog box.



If an expression is assigned to display on a staff that is hidden, Finale will place the expression on the next highest Score Listed in the Score List dialog box that is visible. 

Expressions assigned to Score Lists can be moved independently, or uniformly. See To move expressions assigned to Score Lists.



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