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Noteman says: See Adding slurs, hairpins, and other shapes for a step-by-step tutorial overview.

When you click this tool, Finale displays the floating Smart Shape palette, containing an individual icon for each of several Smart Shapes - stretchable markings such as slurs, crescendo hairpins, 8va and 15ma markings, solid and dashed brackets and lines, and so on. (If the Smart Shape Palette doesn't appear, choose Window > Smart Shape Palette).

To place one of these markings into the score, position the cursor so that the tiny arrow points to the appropriate staff. If you’re placing a note-attached marking, the cursor will appear as a tiny note; just position the cursor over the note. If you’re placing a notehead-attached marking, the cursor will appear as a tiny notehead. Double-click—but on the second click, keep the mouse button pressed and drag to the right. As you drag, the shape appears and grows to the right. Release the mouse when the shape is as long as you want it or highlights the appropriate endnote. ClosedHandlesA small square which appears on currently "selectable" elements in the score. Handles allow you to select, edit and adjust musical elements in the score. appear on every Smart Shape marking in the score.

Tip: To place a note-assigned slur or curve between two consecutive notes in the score, double-click the first note; Finale draws the slur between the notes.

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