If you are having problems installing or authorizing Finale or setting up MIDI, review Getting Started for help resolving these issues. For all other troubleshooting, refer to Finale's Knowledge Base. It may also be helpful to review the New Features in Finale, including the list of Interface changes.

Authorized owners may contact MakeMusic for technical issues at

To learn how to use Finale, please consult one of Finale's many 'how-to' resources, including the accompanying ClosedQuick Reference GuideThe Quick Reference Guide is a helpful resource to learn how to accomplish basic tasks and reference keyboard shortcuts within Finale. You can access this guide from the Help menu., the Finale Tutorials, the QuickStart Videos (Help menu > QuickStart Videos), and this searchable User Manual.

MakeMusic offers additional help online:

Tutorial Support: Answers to many common questions are provided at our Support Portal. The Support Portal features a variety of resources ranging from a Finale blog with advice from various authors, to the user-to-user Forums, to this User Manual and other resources.

Technical Support: Our Support Portal also features the powerful Knowledge Base with immediate troubleshooting solutions for common technical problems, as well as direct access to our Customer Support Team online.

MakeMusic can also be reached by mail at 7007 Winchester Circle, Suite 140, Boulder, CO 80301. Please visit to download maintenance updates, learn about other Finale resources, and find more information about the Finale family of notation products.

Leaving feedback

If you would like to submit specific feedback and/or suggestions for the Finale User Manual, visit our Support Portal. After logging in, choose the Technical Support category, followed by the MakeMusic product you own. Fill out the form with your comments and click Continue to submit them to our documentation team. Be sure to reference the particular topic or section to which your comments pertain.