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Noteman says: See Tutorial 4: Editing your music for a demonstration of these features.

The Selection tool is Finale's universal editing tool. It can be used to select, move, delete, copy, paste, or otherwise edit any region of measures and virtually any individual item in the score.

You can use this tool to copy music (from a single note to the entire score) from one place to another—even from one Finale document to another. Clicking a musical element—such as articulations, chord symbols, lyrics, expressions, MIDI controller data, and so on—allows you to select, move, nudge, edit, or erase it, without disturbing the other existing elements of the music in that region. For more advanced editing, double-click the element to switch to the appropriate tool.

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Tip: You can undo any Selection tool operation by choosing Edit > Undo (COMMAND+Z) immediately afterward.