Finale Reference

Finale users already acquainted with the basics can find the help they need with the following list of resources.

  • Where do I find... One of the most popular help resources, the indispensable Visual Index displays an example document with many different notational elements, each of which you can click on to learn how to place it in your own score.
  • How do I... This "encyclopedia" provides how-to instructions for a comprehensive list of tasks, covering the gamut from accelerando to zoom in/zoom out. Use it to continue to extend your proficiency in Finale once you've mastered the essentials, or refer to it any time you have a one-off question.
  • What does this do... No user manual would be complete without a full user interface reference. This listing describes every tool, palette, menu, and dialog box, as well as all keyboard shortcuts and Metatools. Additional material covers font character sets, critical percussion and MIDI information, a catalog of instruments and controls for Garritan Instruments for Finale, as well as the program's default settings and advanced configurations.
  • What's new. With every new major version of Finale, features are added or revised and certain parts of the user interface are changed. This list reports all of these differences from version to version and links to more information about each.