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NotePad offers the ability to create guitar tablature.  

Creating Guitar Tablature

To create a tablature staff, use the Setup Wizard.

The document you just created is already set up to take into account the standard guitar transposition which sounds an octave lower than written. Now, let’s learn the best way to enter music into a guitar score.

Copying Music to and from a Tab Staff

To add the tablature notation, copy the music directly from a standard staff into tablature. To demonstrate this we’ll continue with our guitar score that includes one standard staff above one tablature staff.   

This ability to copy music from standard notation into tab, and specify a lowest fret, can be applied to smaller areas of the score by selecting part of the measure. To do this, click and drag over a region including the partial measure(s).

In addition to translating standard notation directly to tablature, you can also copy tablature directly into a standard notation staff. We will use the second half of “Spanish Dance No. 2” to demonstrate this. For this example the tablature is entered for you already.

Changing the String and Fret Number

You can edit tab numbers and move them between strings manually with the Simple Entry tool. This method gives more control over the movement of single and non-contiguous fingerings.

You can also easily change the fret number. The Simple Entry tool should still be selected.



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