Out-of-Range Notes submenu

Use this submenu to adjust the experience level for all instruments in the score in order to indicate out-of-range notes; beginner for the smallest range, advanced for the largest. By default, orange notes are displayed when notes entered exceed the range of the instrument. These notes are for display purposes only and will not print as such. This is a program setting applicable to all documents until the setting is changed again. For a list of the specific pitches included in each experience level, by instrument, see Instrument Ranges. To change the color of Out-of-Range Notes, see Preferences - Display Colors.

  • Off. Choose this command to turn off Finale's automatic range-checking feature. When this command is selected, Finale does not alert you to notes that are out-of-range.
  • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced. Choose this command to tell Finale to alert you of all notes that are outside a performer's range at the respective level. Out-of-range notes have orange (or yellow) noteheads.

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