HyperScribe menu

Expanded HyperScribe menu

How to get there

Choose the HyperScribe tool icon. The HyperScribe menu appears.

What it does

Noteman says: Learn how to set up a MIDI keyboard in the Set up a MIDI keyboard QuickStart Video.

HyperScribe is a method of entering music in Finale by transcribing a real-time MIDI performance into notation. It transcribes the music onto one or two staves, even if you alter the tempo as you play. In order to capture an accurate performance, use this menu to define what rhythmic value you’ll be using for your key or foot taps as you play and how you want your performance ClosedquantizedA process of rounding off rhythmic values of notes played in a MIDI performance to the nearest selected duration, resulting in a cleaner transcription of the notes.. See Recording with HyperScribe.

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