Cutaway scores

A cutaway score is one in which staves can begin and end in mid-system, appearing and disappearing in the score as necessary. It’s easy to create scores in Finale with full-width staves that are present in each system only when they contain notes; see To hide empty staves.

Such staves still occupy the full margin-to-margin width of the system. If you want a staff to begin or end halfway across the page (when the other staves in the system continue all the way to the page margins), you can hide the portion of each staff that you don’t want to appear using Staff Styles.

To hide a portion of a staff

  1. Choose the Staff tool icon and select the measures that you want to hide. See Selecting music for more information on selection methods.
  2. Choose Staff > Apply Staff Styles To > Score and Parts or Current Part/Score. The Apply Staff Style dialog box appears.
  3. Select Force Hide Staff (Cutaway) and click OK. All the staves in the selected region are hidden.

    Alternatively, you can right-click the highlighted region and choose Force Hide Staff (Cutaway) from the context menu.

To clear the Staff Style, re-select the measures and choose Staff > Clear Staff Styles From.