Tuplets are a class of note durations that evenly divide a beat. Basic triplets are easy to create with the Simple Entry tool icon, as are duplets, septuplets or other tuplets using the Simple Entry Tuplet Definition dialog box. For more complex tuplets, such as ratios or nested tuplets, use the Tuplet tool icon or Speedy Entry tool icon.

You can also change tuplets over a region. Instead of choosing the Tuplet tool, choose the Selection tool icon and choose Utilities > Change > Tuplets. The settings in the Change Tuplets dialog box are the same as in the Tuplet Definition dialog box.

Brackets in the Simple Entry Tuplet tool follow several rules. If the notes are beamed, such as eighth note triplets, no bracket will appear. If you wish to override this rule, use the Tuplet Tool to turn off Auto Bracket in the Tuplet Definition dialog box. Brackets follow the first note in the tuplet or the beam (if you override Auto Bracket). To edit the bracket, see To adjust, move, or delete a tuplet.

Using the Tuplet tool icon

Using the Simple Entry tool icon

Using the Speedy Entry tool icon

Additional techniques