Title page

This entry contains instructions for creating a separate title page with no music on it. If you want the title to appear at the top of the first page of music instead, see Titles.

To create a title page

  1. Scroll to the beginning of the piece and choose the Page Layout tool icon.
  2. Choose Page Layout > Insert Blank Pages.
  3. For Insert, enter 1. Select Before Page and enter 1 (these are the default values).
  4. Click OK. A blank page is inserted at the beginning of your document.
  5. Choose the Text tool icon. You’re about to create the first piece of text (title) information.
  6. Double-click where you want the first piece of text. The text editing frame appears.
  7. Select font, size and style from the Text menu.

    Skip this step if the default Text Block settings are the ones you want to use. See Document Options - Fonts.

  8. Select Text > Inserts > Title.

    If you haven’t defined a title, either fill in the appropriate information under the File Info tab of the ScoreManager, or just type in the title you want to use.

  9. Choose Text > Frame Attributes. The Frame Attributes dialog box appears.
  10. Select Page, choose Single Page from the dropdown menu, and type 1 in the first text box. (These should be the default settings).
  11. Use the Alignment and Positioning options to position the text block.
  12. Click OK. Repeat the process with any other information that you want to appear on the title page, selecting various Text Inserts from the Text Inserts submenu of the Text menu, or typing in text that is needed. See Titles, for information on moving and deleting titles.