Pickup Measure dialog box

How to get there

Choose Document > Pickup Measure.

What it does

Use this dialog box if the first measure of your score is a pickup measure; Finale automatically adds blank "count-off beats" before the pickup itself and adjusts the measure numbers. You can enter an EDU value yourself (1024 per quarter note); a simpler route is to click on the palette of note values. Click the value of the pickup and click OK. Finale fills in the text box for you. When you return to the score, invisible "rests" appear at the beginning of the measure for a duration long enough to fill the measure and still leave room for the pickup value you specified. Any notes you now enter will appear after these invisible rests. This method is only effective if the pickup measure is the first measure of the document.

  • [Note durations]. Click on a note that equals the sum of your pickup notes.
  • EDUs. Click in the EDUs text box and enter an EDU value (1024 per quarter note) for your pickup notes. This text box will display the EDU equivalent for the selected note duration.
  • Clear Pickup. Click on Clear Pickups to remove a pickup and restore the measure to a normal, non-pickup, measure.
  • OK • Cancel. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without changing any pickup settings. Click OK to confirm your pickup settings and return to the score.

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