You can place parentheses around an accidental with a single keystroke (see below). You can also place parentheses manually around a note or a musical passage by placing them in the score as Articulations. (You could even define parentheses to be expressions, if need be; see Expressions.) See also Accidentals.

To place parentheses around an accidental

  1. Choose the Speedy Entry tool icon, and click the measure in question. The editing frame appears.
  2. Use the directional arrows to position the insertion bar on the notehead whose accidental you want to enclose in parentheses. You can also click the mouse on the desired notehead.
  3. Press the P key. Parentheses enclose the accidental. To remove the parentheses, press P again.

To place parentheses around a note or rest

You may sometimes want to enclose musical passages longer than a single note. To do so, you can insert individual parentheses as Articulations, attaching the opening parenthesis to the first note of the passage, and the closing parenthesis to the final note.

Depending on the size of the note or chord you’re enclosing, you may want to enlarge both parentheses by clicking Set Font and entering a higher point size. For complete instructions on creating and manipulating articulation markings, see Articulations.