Menu Shortcuts Plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Menu Shortcuts.

What it does

Noteman says: Keyboard shortcuts defined with the menu Shortcuts plug-in take precedence over existing keyboard functionality in Finale, as well as any keyboard shortcuts defined using Simple Entry’s Edit Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, if you use the menu Shortcuts plug-in to assign SHIFT+1 to Select Display Colors under the View menu, the SHIFT+1 keystroke will no longer be available for assigning Metatools in any of the Main Tools, nor will this keystroke switch to the 64th Rest Tool while using Simple Entry.

The menu Shortcuts plug-in allows you to assign special key combinations to any of Finale’s menu items.

  • Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. Check this box to use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add • Edit • Remove. Click Add to choose the keystroke from the Key Assignment dialog box (see below). Select an entry and click Edit to edit an existing keyboard shortcut in the Key Assignment dialog box. See Key Assignment dialog box below. Select an entry and click Remove to delete an existing keyboard shortcut.
  • OK • Close • More. Click OK to apply the current commands. Click Close to dismiss the dialog box without making any changes.

Key Assignment

How to get there

  1. Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Menu Shortcuts.
  2. Click Add or select a shortcut and click Edit.

What it does

The Key Assignment dialog box allows you to assign a shortcut to a key stroke.

  • Key • Shift • Ctrl • Alt • Listen. Enter the main letter or number into the text box or choose a keystroke from the drop-down menu. Check SHIFT or ALT or CTRL to add the modifier to the keystroke. Click the Listen button to record the next key you press as the shortcut key. Note that modifiers such as SHIFT, CTRL or ALT must be checked separated.
  • Select menu command. Choose the menu item by working your way through the multiple levels of the drop-down selection lists. In order to assign a shortcut, the menu item must be visible. For example, to assign a shortcut to the Chord menu, you must first select the Chord tool and then run the menu Shortcut plug-in.

    If you wish to assign shortcuts to the tools, make the Tools menu visible. Choose Edit > Preferences, select View, and select Show Tools menu.

  • OK • Close. Click OK to accept the shortcut command and return to the menu Shortcuts dialog box. Click Close to return to the menu Shortcuts dialog box without making any changes.