There are two kinds of margins in Finale: page margins and system margins. Both can be set either from a menu or with the Page Layout tool icon. For information on system margins, see Systems.

To change page margins

  1. Choose the Page Layout tool icon. The Page Layout menu appears.
  2. First set the range of the pages to affect by choosing Page Layout > Page Margins and selecting one of the four page range options.
  3. Drag the handles at the edge of the page margins. You can also enter values directly into the number boxes of the Edit Page Margins dialog box.
  4. Choose Utilities > Update Layout. This command re-calculates the layout of measures, based on the new margins.

Noteman says: The changes you’ll be making with these instructions establish the page margins for pages yet to be created. To apply them to existing pages, see the final two steps.

To change default page margins numerically

  1. Choose Document > Page Format > Score. The Page Format for Score dialog box appears.
  2. Enter new values in the Page Margins boxes.

    These numbers are the distances from the edge of the page; thus if the page size changes, the margins remain at the same distance from the page edge. These measurements are always positive and measure the absolute distance from the edge of the page.

  3. Click OK (or press ENTER). The changes you’ve made will affect only new pages added to the piece by Finale, unless you perform one of the following additional steps.
  4. To apply the new margin settings to one existing page, choose the Page Layout tool icon and go to the page that you want to change.
  5. Choose Page Layout > Redefine Pages > Current Page of Current Part/Score.
  6. To apply the new margins to all existing pages, choose Page Layout > Redefine Pages > All Pages of Current Part/Score.