Set To - Note Durations dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools Palette. Choose the MIDI tool icon. The MIDI Tool menu appears.
  2. Select a region of measures. If you’re in the MIDI tool split-window, select the region you want to affect by dragging through the "graph" display area or by selecting the handles of individual notes whose MIDI data you want to edit.
  3. Choose MIDI Tool > Edit Note Durations.
  4. Choose MIDI Tool > Set To.

What it does

This dialog box’s wording changes to reflect your MIDI data type selection (key velocities, note durations, or continuous data). Its function is to allow you to set the values of the selected MIDI data type to a specified value. For example, if you’ve selected Key Velocities, you can specify that all notes in the selected region should be played back with the same volume by setting their velocity values to a single MIDI velocity value. (MIDI velocity is measured on a scale of zero, silent, to 127, very loud.)

  • Start Time • Stop Time. The Start Time is the difference between the notated, or quantized, attack of a note and the moment you actually struck the note in your performance. The Stop Time is the difference between the notated release of the note and the moment you actually released the note. In this case, then, you’re setting the Start and Stop Times of all notes in the selected region to a certain number of EDUs (1024 per quarter note). If you enter zero in both text boxes (and select both check boxes), Finale adjusts the attacks and releases of the notes in the selected region so that they’re perfectly "quantized" with their notated values; when you play them back, they sound rhythmically perfect. If you click Stop Times and enter 512 in the text box, for example, Finale sustains every note in the selected region one eighth note’s time beyond its notated value.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to discard, the MIDI data changes you’ve specified. You return to the MIDI tool split-window (or the score).

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