Voicing for Staff in Part dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Documents > Manage Parts.
  2. Click Edit Part Definition to expand the dialog box.
  3. In the middle column, choose the staff that you would like to change and click Edit Voicing.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to display select notes on individual instrument staves. For score staves that contain multiple parts (e.g. "Flutes 1 &2"), Flute 1 could be assigned to its own part, containing only the Flute 1 notes; likewise for the Flute 2 part. Layers or individual notes from chords (of the same layer) can be assigned to a part while other notes are hidden. To divide a multi-part score staff into two or more parts, first add the staff to different parts. Once the multi-part staff appears in two (or more) parts, use this dialog box to specify which notes to show for each part.

  • All notes in Layer _ only. Choose this option and select a layer to display the selected layer only for this staff.
  • Selected notes from one or more layer(s). Choose this option to use the settings below to identify which notes within chords of the same layer should be displayed in the selected staff.
  • In All Measures Containing a Single Layer, Use: All notes • Top Note • Bottom Note • Selected Note(s); 1st Note • 2nd Note • 3rd Note • 4th Note • 5th Note. Use these options to specify which notes should be displayed in chords of the same layer. Choose All Notes to show every note in measures containing a single layer. Choose Top Note to hide all but the top note in entries containing multiple notes (chords). Choose Bottom Note to hide all but the bottom note in entries containing multiple notes. Choose Selected Notes, and then the desired check box below to specify which note to use in the case of chords.
  • Count Notes: From the Top • From the Bottom. These options are available when the Selected Note(s) option is chosen and control the direction Finale counts from when choosing the part voicing. For example, with "2nd Note" and "From the Top" selected, Finale hides all but the second note from the top of chords in the same layer.
  • Include Single Note Passages. Check this box to also include monophonic passages in the voice you are defining.
  • In Measures Containing Multiple Layers, Display Layer _. If the score contains multiple layers in one or more sections, from this dropdown menu, choose the layer you want to show.

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