Check Graphics dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools Palette. Choose the Graphics tool icon. The Graphics menu appears.
  2. Choose Graphics > Check Graphics.

What it does

Finale can either embed a graphic within a file or link a graphic from a location on your computer. Use the Check Graphics dialog box to manually embed a graphic or display the location and full name of all graphics placed within your score.

  • Graphic. Finale searches for all graphic files placed in the current document and lists their original location and full name. Any missing graphic appears marked with an asterisk. Files that are embedded in the document appear as (embedded).
  • Placement. This column lists the location of each graphic in the document by page.
  • Link to file. Check this option to instruct Finale to maintain a relationship with the file, as it is located on the hard drive, instead of embedding the graphic. When an embedded graphic is changed to "linked," the Save dialog box is displayed. Here, you can specify the location of the linked image. You can change a graphic from linked to embedded, as long as the linked file is found. By default, this option is checked.
  • Select Graphic. Click this button to display the Place Graphic dialog box. You can choose a new file path for the selected graphic.
  • Attributes. Select a graphic and click this button to open the Graphic Attributes dialog box. Apply positioning, assignment, and other settings for the selected graphic.
  • Embed All Graphics. Click this button to add a copy of all available graphics to the document rather than relying on its location to your hard drive.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to confirm your changes or Cancel to discard the changes you have made.

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