Headers and footers

Unlike some desktop publishing programs, Finale doesn't have a special process for adding headers and footers; instead, you use the same instructions that you would for any text block, and assign it to multiple pages. Using the Text tool, you can create text that appears at the top or bottom of every page of a score—a title, date, or copyright notice, for example. In fact, you can position the text block anywhere on the page you like, and even specify a page range rather than all pages. Additionally, you can specify that you want the text block on the right or left pages only, so that you can have different headers or footers on each of two facing pages.

To add header or footer text

  1. Choose View > Page View.
  2. Choose the Text tool icon. The Text menu appears.
  3. Double-click where you want the header or footer to appear. The text editing frame appears.
  4. From the Text menu, select font, size and style.

    You can skip this step if the default text block font settings are the ones you want to use.

  5. Enter the text that should appear in each header or footer.

    Finale includes certain text inserts in the Text > Inserts submenu that update automatically, such as page numbers and document information.

  6. Choose Text > Frame Attributes. The Frame Attributes dialog box appears.
  7. Choose Page > All Pages, or specify a Page Range.
  8. Select the alignment and positioning options from the Alignment and Positioning dropdown menus.

    To use the left- and right-facing pages feature, see Text blocks–To position page-assigned text blocks on left- and right-facing pages.

  9. Click OK (or press ENTER) to return to the document.

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