Items to Snap to Guide dialog box

How to get there

There are two ways to access the Items to Snap to Guide dialog box:

  1. Choose View > Grid/Guide Options.
  2. Click Items to Snap to Guide.


  1. Choose Document > Document Options > Grids and Guides.
  2. Click on Items to Snap to Guide.

What it does

Use the Items to Snap dialog boxes to select the types of items that will be affected by the snapping function.

  • Brackets • Chords • Expressions • Fretboards • Graphics Move • Graphics Sizing • Measure Numbers • Repeats • Special Tools Items • Staff Names • Staves • Text Block Move • Text Block Sizing. Select any number of these items to be affected by snapping when it is implemented.
  • All • None. Use these buttons as shortcuts to select or deselected all the items at once.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to save new settings and return to the Grid/Guide Options dialog box, or click Cancel to cancel any changes you made to the settings.

Tip: Create a Guide by double clicking in the ruler area while in Page view.

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