Finale preferences files

Finale maintains program settings, including information about your MIDI system setup, by employing Finale preferences files. On Windows, these files are FINALE.INI, which includes dialog boxes and menu settings that affect your Finale working environment, and FINMIDI.INI, which contains settings controlled in the MIDI Setup dialog box and Audio Setup dialog box. These files do not include settings that differ from document to document.

Noteman says: Do not edit the FINALE.INI or FINMIDI.INI files unless instructed to do so by the MakeMusic Customer Support Team. Doing so may interfere with Finale's MIDI and/or audio capabilities and can cause Finale to become unstable.

If a problem occurs during the course of using Finale, the MakeMusic Customer Support Team may ask you to clear or delete your Finale preferences files. This is a normal troubleshooting step and does not affect any of your existing documents. Once the files have been removed from your system, re-launching Finale automatically creates a new version of these files with "factory-default" settings.

It is recommended that you do not edit or remove the following files unless instructed to do so by MakeMusic Customer Support.

To delete the Finale preference files

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences. The Preferences dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Reset All Preferences button. Finale prompts you to confirm the reset.
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Save your work and Finale shuts down.
  5. Re-launch Finale. The FINALE.INI and FINMIDI.INI files are re-generated with default settings.