Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a computer graphics format. Because an EPS file contains the full ClosedPostScriptA page-description language that computers and high-resolution printers use to communicate with each other. description of its contents, it will print with the greatest resolution possible on a laser printer or other PostScript device, even if it’s pasted into another program. If you’re using Finale in conjunction with a graphics, page-layout, or word-processing program, use this technique to transfer music from Finale.

To create an EPS file

Use the Export Pages or the Export Selection commands in the Graphics menu. See Graphics.

Special instructions for printing from Finale with imported EPS files

  1. You must have a PostScript capable printer. Check your printer manual for details.
  2. The printer driver must be set to Optimize for Portability. Exit Finale. Click Start, Settings, Printers. Right-click on your printer driver and select Properties. Select the PostScript tab and set the “PostScript output format” to “Optimize for Portability” ADSC. Click Apply, then OK.
  3. The line “OwnPS=0” must be added to the Finale.ini file. Exit Finale. Open the Finale.ini file in the Finale folder with Notepad. In the [Settings] section, add the following line, without quotes, “OwnPS=0”. Save and exit Notepad.