Click and Countoff

Noteman says: You can use Click and Countoff to hear clicks representing the tempo in your document for playback and/or recording. However, if you plan to export an audio file of your document with a click track, you must add an actual click track to your document.

Use the settings in the Click and Countoff dialog box to define the metronome click played when you’re recording with HyperScribe or playing back using Playback Controls. Specify the number of measures, if any, you want counted off prior to recording. Set when you want to hear a metronome click, whether a MIDI note or a MIDI event will be played for the click, its exact sound, how hard the note should be “struck”, its duration, and whether Finale should wait for a start signal before starting countoff and recording. If you have selected Tap as your Beat Source, Finale ignores the settings in this dialog box.