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A bookmark denotes a particular position on a page (in Page View) or a measure in the music itself (in Scroll View). This enables you to access a certain page and a precise position on that page, or to jump to a marked measure in the music with a single command, quickly and efficiently. When you call a bookmark, Finale displays the music at the bookmark’s saved location and restores the working environment that was automatically saved with the bookmark, including the view and view percentage; you don’t have to spend time setting up your environment every time you change your position. You can also save bookmarks with standard MIDI files, so you don’t have to spend time creating them again in your sequencing program, and you can convert sequencer markers to Finale bookmarks when you import a standard MIDI file.

For fast, efficient entry of bookmarks, choose Page View or Scroll View, choose a view percentage, and position the music on the screen before you create the bookmark. By doing this, the text boxes will accurately reflect the bookmark’s position without having to enter that information manually. Select the checkboxes for the settings you want to be remembered for the bookmark.

  • Add Bookmark. Choose this command to display the Add Bookmark dialog box, where you can create a bookmark based on the current settings in the score.
  • Edit Bookmarks. Choose this command to display the Edit Bookmarks dialog box, where you can edit existing bookmarks.
  • [Bookmarks]. A list of your defined bookmarks appears at the end of the submenu. Click on a bookmark to go to that location in your document.

Tip: Bookmarks can also be selected in the Select Region dialog box and the Measure Attributes dialog box by right/CONTROL-clicking the Measure text field.

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