Cross Staff plug-in

How to get there

Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Cross Staff.

What it does

A cross-staff note is one that “belongs” to one staff, but that, for notational efficiency (for example, to eliminate the need for ledger lines) is written in another staff, often with a different clef—its stem is stretched from the original staff to the “target” staff. See Cross-staff notes. You can use the Cross-staff plug-in to automatically move notes from one staff to another where appropriate.

  • Fill empty destination measures with invisible whole rests. Check this box to fill measures notes have been moved to with a hidden whole rest. If this box is not checked, a default whole rest will accompany the cross-staff notes.
  • Remove existing cross-staff data. Check this box to remove cross staff data applied with the Note Mover tool. See Cross-staff notes.
  • Single Notes. If Single Notes is checked, single notes within the applicable range of the selected region move according to the settings in this dialog box. If Single Notes is unchecked, single notes remain stationary.
  • Octaves. If Octaves is checked, both notes in an octave pair will move together if one of the notes is within the applicable range of the selected region. If Octaves is unchecked, all notes in the octave pair remain stationary.
  • Chords. If Chords is checked, all notes in a chord move together if any note in the chord is within the applicable range (above/below the split point) of the selected region. If Chords is unchecked, chords remain stationary.
  • Apply to one entry out of. Enter a number here to apply these settings to every other note, every third note and so on. For example, enter 2 to specify every other note, or three to specify every third note.
  • Start with which entry number of selection. Here, specify the first note in the selected region to which these settings will be applied.
  • Split Point. Enter the split point, or the point at which you want to separate notes to be moved to another staff. Notes below or above the pitch entered here can be moved to the next or previous staff independently.
  • Pitches: • All • Below • Above. Choose All to move all pitches in the selected region. Choose Below to move notes below the pitch specified for Split Point. Choose Above to move notes above the pitch specified for Split Point.
  • Cross Notes To Which Staff • Previous • Next. Choose previous to move designated notes in the selected region to the previous staff (above). Choose Next to move designated notes in the selected region to the next staff (below).
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to apply the current commands and leave the dialog box available for the next set of commands. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without making any changes.