Align/Move Dynamics Plug-in

How to get there

  1. Select a region with the Selection tool icon.
  2. Choose Plug-ins > TGTools > Align/Move Dynamics.

What it does

The Align/Move Dynamics plug-in allows you to easily align various elements, such as hairpin crescendos and dynamics expressions, of the selected region in any staff. Collisions with staff lines are avoided. Items from below the staff are never moved above the staff and vice versa. Because of this collision avoidance, the final position may not be the one specified in the dialog box.

  • Align: To Nearest Element • To Farthest Element • To Average Distance • Set To Value. Choose Nearest Element to align the expressions or hairpins to the element closest to the staff. Choose Farthest Element to align the expression or hairpins to the element farthest from the staff. Choose Average Distance to align the elements at an average distance from the staff. Check Set To Value to move all of the selected dynamics to the distance specified in “Move vertically” from the bottom staff line. When Set To Value is unchecked, the specified value will be added to the distance. Repeatedly clicking Apply can be used to nudge dynamic markings.
  • Text expressions • Hairpins • Shape expressions. Select Text expressions to align dynamic markings, such as cresc. or dynamic markings. Select Hairpins to align Smart Shape crescendos or decrescendos. If selected for alignment, hairpins will be straightened. Select Shape expression to align shape expressions, such as crescendos or decrescendos created with the Expression tool.
  • Move vertically __ (units). Enter the value you would like to move the expressions or hairpins vertically. The measurement unit will be determined by the setting selected using Finale > Measurement Units. Negative for lower and positive for higher. A very high value is required for items above the staff, such as 200 EVPUs or .7 inches. If the value entered would cause a collision with a staff line or move the marking to the other side of the staff, the final position may be different from the specified value. When “Set To Value” is chosen, the dynamics are moved to the specified distance from the bottom staff line.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to apply the current commands and leave the dialog box available for the next set of commands. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without making any changes.