The Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) provides a standard way of mapping the thousands of musical symbols required by conventional music notation into a single font. For more detailed information on the SMuFL specification, please see the W3C Music Notation Community Group Page.

In Finale, the SMuFL specification provides you the ability to quickly and easily choose between hundreds of different glyphs using only a single font. The SMuFL standardization of glyph code point locations across fonts means that, in Finale, you can switch between any SMuFL-compliant font without needing to worry whether the characters in your music notation will change or have their location and page layout changed.

With the Finale v27.0 release, updates have been made to MakeMusic's fonts to meet the SMuFL specification. In addition to this, many of these fonts have other updates and fixes in them. For a full list of the fonts installed with Finale, see Fonts. Finale provides several ways of creating a document to use with SMuFL fonts, including using the Finale Maestro Default Document (see Default Document) and the option using the Setup Wizard below.

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